Sunday, October 14, 2012


Day Care goes German for the end of October! Space-ial guests for this month are Matthew Brown, the Tasmanian Techno wizard, who wow's everybody at every show he plays. This is a rare opportunity to hear what music inspires him to get wild.... Speaking of bearded wizards, we're also stoked to have the presence of Joshua Petherick behind the music controllers. I've always been fascinated with Josh's artwork & design, long before I moved to Melbourne, so it's a real treat to have come along and play some tunes. Check out his awesome website showcasing his wide array of output. Over the past year's Josh has also pieced together some great home listening session's for radio under his guise of Mouving, one of which was even played on Noise in My Head a while back. Here's one of my fave tee prints Josh designed P.A.M. a few years back.. Day Care local & rising star Michael Ozone will also be parking his champagne lim-ozone out front and playing some of his new finds and maybe even some of his soon to be released tunes from his new record label Home Loan Records. And as always, mega excited to have Misha Hollenbach fresh from his German vacation down to play a set. There's not much else that can be said about Misha that hasn't already been said, but there's still so much more that Misha hasn't said!!! He continually raises the bar with his wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy gone selections, so expect the most freaked picks from him as always.

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