Saturday, April 14, 2012


The next installment of DAY CARE is coming up on Sunday 29th April! I'm super stoked with the Dj line up, one of whom is Mikey Young from infamous Melbourne band Eddy Current Supression Ring and new post-punk-minimal freaks Total Control aswell as his other side project Brain Children.

Here's a great interview that featured over on The Blackmail some time back. If you're unsure on who Mikey is and what he does, be sure to check it out!

As a Dj Mikey has deep knowledge in Psyche, Rock and Garage amongst other obscurities but as a small taster, here's a selection of awesome tunes recently compiled by Total Control. I love listening to a mix that caters for all moods and working environments and although this is not a "mix" as such, its a great diverse playlist that's well worth a listen.


Eddy Current Supression Ring

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