Saturday, November 5, 2011

Official Totebagz Mix!

It's finally out! Limited copies of the Totebagz mix cd release from ESP Institute x P.A.M. are now available...Get one quick!






Mix review - "Jailbreak at the zoo! Totebagz is the collaboration between two of Melbourne's most daring minds, Jerky Perky aka Misha Hallenbach (Perks and Mini, Bamboo Musik) and the most excellent surfer/DJ Biscuit (Moonrocks). When they're not cycling the unknown regions, foraging the bush for "special" funghi or surfing the 50-year storm, they're oozing tweaked cardboard box techno. On this limited edition disc, the Totebagz pile blankets of synth upon deep-fried circuitry upon drum machines that have a mind of their own. To say they take you for a ride would be an understatement. This is what it sounds like when gremlins shack up inside your mixer."

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